Balmoral Multicultural presents at Sial 2015

Balmoral presents at North American’s largest Food Trade Show 2015

SIAL is globally famous for hosting International Food Trade shows spanning North America, Europe and Asia.

In Canada, the show has traditionally been hosted in Montreal however after an inaugural debut in 2013 in Toronto, the organizers decided to bring another show to Toronto in 2015.

Over 830 booths were sold out and participants from 65 countries took part. Traffic increased by 13% in 2015 over 2013, totaling over 13,000 visitors over the 3 days. Each year, SIAL selects a country to be showcased and this year Indonesia had being selected. Their pavilion was inaugurated by none other than the Director General, Ministry of Trade, Republic of Indonesia.

A unique feature this year was the recognition of ethnic foods given the increased demand in Canada. There was a special section devoted to foods catering to the ethnic consumer and Balmoral was asked to partner with SIAL, to drive both participation and involvement of ethnic trade and commercial associations in the GTA.

Balmoral also showcased the ethnic consumer through an exciting and animated presentation which highlighted two key communities, the Chinese and the South Asian. The audience was enthralled by a glimpse into both China and India via a collage of photographs giving a panoramic view of big cities, small towns, modern supermarkets, traditional wet markets, restaurants, street eateries, home kitchens and familiar dishes. This led to an appreciation by the audience of not just the sheer growth in numbers but the background from where these consumers came from.

The Q&A was a lively discussion with many members of the audience excited about the possibility of targeting the ethnic communities in Canada and the interest they have in food products.

Balmoral Multicultural presents at Sial 2015