Balmoral applauds the launch of Migration Nation

Migration Nation – A Practical Guide To Doing Business in Globalized Canada

Friday 25 July: Balmoral attended the official launch party of the book written by our good friends Robin Brown and Kathy Cheng, of Environics Research Group.

Balmoral Multicultural marketing is celebrating our 25th year in the business and for the first time, we have had the benefit of welcoming this much needed book launched by ERG.

Finally we have a comprehensive guide to the marketer who is looking at addressing the growing multicultural market space in Canada.

The statistics are not new but the understanding of what it means and the manifestations towards building a successful product launch addressing these communities is priceless.

Environics has aptly developed a Cultural Lens concept in helping the marketer review and digest this segment in a simple and practical manner allowing them to better understand how and why multicultural marketing is important.

Balmoral has been bringing these insights to our clients helping them navigate the waters and putting the right foot forward first.

We applaud Robin Brown, Kath Cheng and Environics in their launch of Migration Nation and are always there to work with our existing and new clients to ensure the highest degree of professionalism and best value for money.