Are you facing
stagnant market growth?

We can help find
new growth opportunities

Over 320,000 new Canadians
arrive every year

They could be your new customers

What do new Canadians from China,
India, and the Philippines
have in common?

Ask us

Do new Canadians
speak English or French?

Or Mandarin,
Cantonese, Punjabi, Hindi
or Tagalog?

New Canadians over index
in Internet and mobile usage

We provide unique digital
and social media solutions

Looking to engage with
diverse communities?

We can help

Capturing New Markets since 1989
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Balmoral Multicultural Marketing

Welcome to Balmoral Multicultural Marketing. Our mission is to help you connect with the growing multicultural markets in Canada. Accomplished with 28 years of tried and tested strategies, we can guide you to capture consumer attention to your — brands, products and services.

We understand the principles of good business strategy. We are not only passionate in what we do, we are practical and prudent in how we do it.

Our team is waiting to hear from you, to listen to your needs and to develop the best action plan moving forward. Connect with us and there will be no looking back.

Geo-targeting at its Best


Research insight supports our strategy team in the development of effective and appropriate marketing strategy for our clients.


We have capabilities to plan and coordinate research among the new market segments in Canada and beyond.


We align creativity with clients’ brand positioning strategy incorporating nuances of new markets.


Balmoral is equipped to develop and execute effective media strategies that fulfill our clients’ marketing objectives.


We help our clients build relationships and establish a brand presence in the digital and social media space.


A strong and well established rapport with ethnic media enables us to stage high-profile press conferences.


We have a wealth of experience in creating and executing seamless outreach programs that deliver our clients’ messages to target new markets.


We have a proven track record of event and sponsorship management.


We provide detailed closing reports, ethnic media monitoring and competition reporting.

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